1. Cinelli Love

    Some funny stuff I illustrated few months ago inspired by Cyclemon landing page. 
    By the way, this might be a teaser, because I’m thinking about making huge poster set with Cinelli racing bicycles.
    Next on schedule is new, carbon fiber Laser Pista; epic Speciale Corsa Leggerissimo; also Mash & Bolt.

    Feel free to download .pdf with vector A4 posters from HERE

  2. I don’t olften share music videos on my blog (though I’m pure music lover), but this prefect combination of sound and view is so tremendous amazing.
    Lambo / Challenger R/T vs. Charger R/T and pure retro love of tires, speed and highway.

  3. Just wanted to show my daily fixie, I have been using all last year. Now it’s time to sell it and make more space & money for upcoming projects. 

  4. My type (via Mavrin)

  5. Porsche 550 Spider in 3D

    I’m not a 3D guy, but if someday will be world like in Matrix, I would like that these guys make post production in it. Indeed - very impressive renders of amazing and well known retro Porsche 550 Spider 3D model.

    (more info about @ Additive Studios)

  6. My friends and super cool guys from Eroica Cicli just got amazing vintage carbon fiber-steel Rossin. It’s one of the very few prototypes ever made, definitely one of the rarest Rossin in he world. Early carbon fiber construction, performed by gluing together the two fiber shell of the main triangle of the frame. A steel rear triangle is then integrated to the body. Design to challenge time records in velodromes, equipped with a pair of 700 and 650 disc wheels and an aero fairing in the front. The stem is directly welded to the fork crown, and the handlebar was made and installed to fit inside such fairing. A nice piece of carbon fiber frame history
    (Photos and tech specs via Eroica Cicli)

  7. Bayerische Motore Werke (BMW)
    There’s something special about classic cars. Their defined lines and established curves, strangely inviting, even to those who don’t know the difference between wheel and tire. Yet somehow, there’s a bond seemingly everyone shares over these few remaining pieces of history. It’s as though the presence of a classic car is enough for even the busiest of people to pause for a moment, if only to look and smile. But if they look twice, it’s only a matter of time before they ask.

    Also, we all have fond memories involving the cars that inspire the enthusiasm we have for cars we have or want to drive. My dad had silver 1984’s BMW 520 (E28) - God, it was amazing car, trully pussy magnet in these days, when everything you could see around, was only soviet VAZ, Volgas or first cheap Opel Asconas and Audi 80 from Germany.

    (Photos via Stance | Works)

  8. #Tattoos Sunday

  9. Faster than a speed of love.

    Short garage update - I just got amazing track pursuit Rossin. Columbus MAX tubing, handlebar to fork mounting, 650c front wheel and incomparable green pearl color with unique and unseen Rossin decals color scheme. Everything original and everything in NOS shape.
    Plans: full vintage Campagnolo Pista groupset and Campagnolo Shamal wheels with track hubs. Also I think I’ll try to fit rare vintage Takhion pursuit handlebar.
    If you have any of these parts in NOS shape - please let me know via EMAIL. I’m ready to buy or trade some of my stuff.
    (bought from Brick Lane Bikes

  10. Classic vintage steel Bianchi Krono for collectors of famous Italian steel framework.
    Fabulous TT Krono edition in epic Celeste color. Listed on eBay. Check HERE or contact me via EMAIL if you are interested.
    (photos by SHOT.lt)