1. Another mention in one of the most influential Rossin blog all over the world. Thanks!


  2. I don’t often build bikes. But when I build - they are featured in Cycle EXIF!

    Cycle EXIF turned 4 years old today, and celebrates with mine beautiful Rossin Pursuit.

  3. Faster than a speed of love: Rossin Pursuit Columbus MAX | Personal set

    So at last I finished 1st stage of this build and made a decent photoshoot in Vilnius, near National Art Gallery.

    Frameset was bought from Bricklane Bikes. Paypal report shows that was March 8, 2013. Painting scheme and decals are original and amazing, as you can see - in NOS shape. Other parts was bought separately in 1,5 years.

    Frame of the store took one of my friend from London. As she told me after that, the owner brought the bike as treasure with tears in his eyes, gave up mumbling under his nose, and regretting that probably it was too small price he asked for.

    I remember my impatience and desire that work day go faster or just get “sick”, go home and unbox that Friday then I got delivery. End of the day house was filled with styrofoam and cellophane, because guys from Brick Lane packed so good and carefully - I had never seen such security anywhere :) But because security and my impatience I accidently scratched paint with knife… Well, shits happens.

    After all thinking how everything looks nice, how light frame is, and, in comparison, how heavy Columbus MAX fork with integrated handlebar mounting is, touching for the first time MAX tubes I began to think about next steps. Since the frame is visually perfectly preserved, the problem is only suitable and desired parts, and, of course, the budget :) 

    Visual look and performance I was already imagined since then, I started to look for lo-pro geometry frame. Italian bike should have only italian parts - Campagnolo, I mean. 90’s look and the technologies used in bike would perfect look with C-Record pista & Shamals. So, decisions made, let’s get to work!

    Easily and quickly got only seatpost & seat, headset and real front track NOS Shamal. However, he has brought a trick too. Since I didn’t thought that Switzerland is not a member of European Union - import custom was a really high :) 

    About Takhion’s pursuit handlebar rarity I heard legends, so started to look over forums, eBay, Flickr & Instagram photos with tags. And how cool is that after all I’ve found it here - in my hometown Vilnius, just a few blocks away. It was not in NOS shape, so I spend few weekends scrubbing rusts from it, but the result - I would say is very, very eye catching! 

    The rear Shamal was combined in three steps :) I bought the wheel, but it turns out, for some reason, mine Rossin rear spacing is 110mm… And with 16 spoke I couldn’t find stock suitable hub. So I had to order a custom from Phil Wood. Nice thing is that the client service did everything damn well, that in fact, I received the message about sent shipment in less than 24h.

    Cog and chain had from old times - both Miche, nothing special, but I thought that will be enough for the first stage, because budget got up to the sky highs.

    Last missing components - crankset and bottom bracket made biggest pain in the ass. I won eBay auction at a good price for C-Record pista crankset and Royce titanium bottom bracket. Most happy that I get 53T star immediately and will not need to search for one itself. Shipment arrives  and here we got unpleasant surprise - crankset is from strada groupset, just with one big TT chainring … also turns out, that bottom bracket is not with italian thread, as the seller was described… Remember, that day I lost self-control. However, I was lucky to sell bottom bracket very fast and for a good price. Although it was very pity - because it was very light, titanium and really high quality. Crankset was left and mounted on final bike, just because that budget. So for a while this baby will stay with this road shame :)

    Second stage will be later, with some performance changes, mostly in drivetrain: 

    - First, will be seeking for proper C-Record track crankset with 52T and bigger chainring; - Miche 16T cog will be replaced with Phil Wood, and perhaps 15T - which will further reduce the rear wheel clearance; 

    - Miche chain and bottom bracket will be replaced with something more than the level of the remaining components, possible from C-Record pista groupset.

    By the way, I’m searching more info about this frame, because it has a lot interesting and unseen features. If you know something - drop me to preilauskas@gmail.com. Thanks!

    1st stage build specs:

    • Frame: Rossin, Columbus MAX tubing, 55x54cm.
    • Fork/Headset: Rossin, Columbus MAX with handlebar to fork mounting / Campagnolo C-Record Pista.
    • Crankset/Bottom Bracket: NOS Campagnolo C-Record (strada) / Miche Pista.
    • Drivetrain/Cog/Chainring/Chain: Miche pista 16T / C-Record (strada :/) 53T/Miche pista.
    • Handlebars/Stem: Takhion pursuit bars.
    • Saddle/Seatpost: NOS Campagnolo Chorus 27,2 mm / NOS Selle San Marco Laser.
    • Front Wheel/Hub/Tube: 650c Campagnolo Shamal 16h (track) rim / C-Record track hub, 16h / Veloflex Record 23c.
    • Rear Wheel/Hub/Tube: 700c Campagnolo Shamal 16h rim / custom Phil Wood track hub, 110mm spacing, 16h / Veloflex Record 23c.

    (frameset from Brick Lane Bikes | photoshoot by Karolina Marc)

  4. Lake of Dreams - Burning Man 2013 timelapse (via Roy Two Thousand)

  5. Jaguar Lightweight E-Type

    Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations division will build the six Lightweight E-Types the company forgot to finish in the 1960s, and the prototype car was just completed for its Pebble Beach premiere. Get ready for an unfathomable level of sexiness inside. 
    It’s powered by a 3,868cc straight-six with a big valve ‘wide angle’ cylinder head and pressed-in steel liners, dry-sump lubrication, three 45DCO3 Weber carburetors and an aluminum block instead of the original car’s cast iron from the D-type.
    What you see here is Car Zero, the engineering prototype with the Lucas injection that’s headed to Pebble Beach but won’t carry one of the six Lightweight chassis numbers.
  6. Cinelli Love

    Some funny stuff I illustrated few months ago inspired by Cyclemon landing page. 
    By the way, this might be a teaser, because I’m thinking about making huge poster set with Cinelli racing bicycles.
    Next on schedule is new, carbon fiber Laser Pista; epic Speciale Corsa Leggerissimo; also Mash & Bolt.

    Feel free to download .pdf with vector A4 posters from HERE

  7. I don’t olften share music videos on my blog (though I’m pure music lover), but this prefect combination of sound and view is so tremendous amazing.
    Lambo / Challenger R/T vs. Charger R/T and pure retro love of tires, speed and highway.

  8. Just wanted to show my daily fixie, I have been using all last year. Now it’s time to sell it and make more space & money for upcoming projects. 

  9. My type (via Mavrin)

  10. Porsche 550 Spider in 3D

    I’m not a 3D guy, but if someday will be world like in Matrix, I would like that these guys make post production in it. Indeed - very impressive renders of amazing and well known retro Porsche 550 Spider 3D model.

    (more info about @ Additive Studios)